Tamper Evident IV Seals

Sterile, <797> compliant

Tamper Evident IV Seals

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We offer 2 brands of Sterile Tamper Evident IV Seals to meet all needs and requirements at the pharmacy.


Available in various sizes and colors the Sterile IV Seals are essential to your sterile compounding practice.


Both brands are Paper Free and USP <797> compliant.


Steri-Tamp® has a patented dual-layer that leaves a true tamper evidence with "OPENED" marking.


SecurSeal® Lower price and dispenser rack available.




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Cat. No. Description Case Size  
ST-ST5112 IV Bag Port Seals (Blue) 1,000/roll
ST-ST5103 IV Bag Port Seals (Red) 1,000/roll
ST-ST1102 28mm vial seals (Blue) 1,000/roll
ST-ST900901 20mm vial seals (Silver) 1,000/roll
ST-ST2103 13mm vial seals (Red) 1,000/roll
ST-ST4103 Syringe seal (Red) 1,000/roll
ST-ST4112 Tamper-Clear Syringe Seal™ 1,000/roll
ST-ST6101 Belly Button Bag Port Seals (Hospira) and Ecoflac® container (Green) 1,000/roll
ST-ST7103 IV Bag Port Seals - CHEMO Yellow 1,000/roll
WI-10-xxx Series 10 - Bag Seal, Baxter IV Bag 1,000/roll
WI-30-xxx Series 30 - Large, Bag Seal 1,000/roll
WI-28-xxx Series 28 - 28mm, Bottle Tops 1.000/roll
WI-55-xxx Series 55 - Port Bag Seal, Hospira IV Bag 1,000/roll
WI-20-xxx Series 20 - 20mm vials 1,000/roll
WI-13-xxx Series 13-13mm vials 1,100/roll
xxx-refers to color silver 100, blue 200, red 300, green 400, yellow 500, orange 600
WI-80-800 Syringe/container tamper-evident Seals 1,100/roll
WI-R-200 Seal Dispenser Rack each

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