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Ongwanada Pharmacy - The first Canadian pharmacy to implement the Beacon® Inventory Management System and ATPTM Series high-speed automated pouch packager in the same pharmacy location.


Kingston, Ontario, February 12, 2015 - In the fall of 2014 Ongwanada, a non-profit charitable organization set out to find a solution to improve their pharmacy operations and increase safety.  They required a solution that would prevent them from relocating to another part of the building which would take away valuable space from patient programs.  Ongwanada's goal was set out to reduce the number of medication errors; replace the out-of-date blister pack system; improved infection control issues (reusable sleeves); reduce the amount of required storage space in the community residences; reduce workload for pharmacy staff and improved medication compliance for patrons who administer their own medication.


From Left to Right: Megan Bruce, Dianne Deegan, Donna Phillips, Julie Carriere BSc Pharm, Tracey Fox, Sue Boutilier, Maggie Morgan.


Healthmark responded to these needs by presenting two revolutionary systems; the ATPTM Series high-speed automated pouch packager and the Beacon® Inventory Management System.  After being chosen as the preferred vendor for this project, Healthmark along with their partner TCGRx performed an extensive analysis of the pharmacy.  This included a complete analysis of the pharmacy formulary and workflow, taking into account the functions of each member of the pharmacy and the needs of their clients. A solution was designed to meet the pharmacy throughput and also took into account future expansion.


The ATPTM Series high-speed automated pouch packager was the first system to be installed.  With its sophisticated software, barcode verification and Universal Lighted Tray System it immediately reduced the errors in the pharmacy.  "The first pouches were introduced in Ongwanada's community residences in late June and are now issued for most Home Share clients, community residences and all users of the pharmacy who request them," explains Julie Carriere, Director of Pharmacy Services.  "The ATP has decreased medication errors and made the order filling process less time consuming."


The second phase of the project was completed in the month of September by implementing the Beacon® Inventory Management System. "We worked closely with the Ongwanada pharmacy staff and directors to incorporate all aspects of the unique service they provide their patrons.  We customized the Beacon® System to help shrink their pharmacy footprint and run seamlessly with the ATP packager.  We were confident that the revolutionary Beacon software would help them track their inventory levels, usage, expired medication and save them money" says Bill Markoglou, Healthmark Business Manager. Combining these two systems allowed the pharmacy to remain in the same location while increasing safety.  By reducing the space of the pharmacy a consulting area was constructed which generates new revenue for Ongwanada.


"Without these systems we would have needed an extra 200 square feet and would have been forced to relocate the pharmacy.  This would have definitely required additional constructions costs," explains Julie Carriere.  "Not only will these systems benefit our pharmacy team and Ongwanada's clients, but it has the capability to positively affect the community as it creates a safe and innovative environment for providing medication to those who we serve."


Healthmark is committed to providing its clients with the state of the art automation in the market.  By partnering with TCGRx it is able to offer scalable solutions that range from simple packaging technology to enterprise-wide perpetual inventory management.  These solutions are specifically designed to make pharmacies and their processes more efficient and save space.


About Healthmark


Healthmark has developed an excellent reputation for providing innovative and state of the art pharmacy automation products.  By partnering with the industry leaders we have built a network that allows us to provide our clients with the latest innovations in pouch and blister packaging, pouch verification, inventory management and pill counting technologies.  With many thousands of pieces of equipment in facilities across Canada we have a strong record of dedicated after sales service and technical support.


About Ongwanada

Ongwanada is a non-profit charitable organization that provides programs and services to more than 600 adults and children with developmental disabilities and their families in Kingston and the surrounding area.  Programs and services are delivered at three sites in more than 20 community residences and other homes and offices in the region.  Ongwanada is accredited with



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Healthmark has been manufacturing and distributing medical and pharmacy products in the Canadian healthcare market for over two decades. In this time, we have built our reputation on a comprehensive line of products addressing intravenous and chemotherapy drug preparation and delivery, unit dose packaging and drug distribution for hospitals and homecare infusion providers. Healthmark also offers automation products to the retail pharmacy and long-term care provider market. This includes automated pouch and blister card packaging, automated medication vial filling and pick-to-light storage and retrieval systems.