HDStock™ - High-Density Storage

Expand Your Business Without Expanding Your Space


HDStock is a precision-engineered, high-density storage product line that will help your pharmacy become more organized, reduce your inventory footprint, and speed up your script-filling process. HDStock has been specifically designed to store medications, paying special attention to ergonomics and functionality. The result is a completely logical storage system that’s extraordinarily convenient to use. No other system offers you drawers that can store more items within the same space.


  • Reduced footprint and reduction in inventory
  • Less walking - Faster script filling
  • Clean, modern and organized appearance
  • Reduces expired medications and open bottles
  • Fixtures are mobile for future re-configuration
  • Increased work surfaces while reducing storage footprint
  • Unique divider system reduces the risk of errors


Available modules:

  1. High Density Cabinets
  2. Speed Shelves
  3. Workstations
  4. High profile storage
  5. Bulk shelving
  6. Carousels






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