ATP Series

Automatic Tablet Packager

The ATP2® is the latest innovation in pouch packaging. The ATP2® leaps ahead of all the other systems in reliability, longevity, and features to drive efficiency and growth for our pharmacy partners. 


The ATP2® is available in many different sizes and configurations in order to fit any size and any volume pharmacy. The formulary capacity of the ATP2® is limitless when combined with AutoSense™ smart canister technology.







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• Create pouches to suit your patients' needs - add color and vertical printing, pictures, barcodes, logos, icons, with variable fonts and sizes to give you maximum flexibility. 

• With ATP2®'s unique dual tray system, you can continuously run your ATP2® without interruptions. Variable pouch sizes available in both narrow and wide formats. Saving time and money by allowing a pharmacy to use the appropriate-sized pouches for any facility and any unit or multi-dose needs. 

• The ATP®2 is more reliable than ever with features such as self-correcting motor bases that help to reduce downtime and user intervention with canisters. 

• With an additional lower packaging unit (LPU) and spare motor bases, most hardware issues can be resolved in a matter of minutes. 



Footprint 320 ATP

Doorway: 41 in. (W) x 31 in. (D) x 80 in. (H), installed: 41 in. (W) x 31 in. (D) x 86 in. (H)

Footprint 400 ATP

Doorway: 41 in. (W) x 31 in. (D) x 80 in. (H), installed: 52 in. (W) x 31 in. (D) x 86 in. (H)

Footprint 480 ATP

Doorway: 41 in. (W) x 31 in. (D) x 80 in. (H), installed: 63 in. (W) x 31 in. (D) x 86 in. (H)


1279 lb. (up to 320 size) / 1620 lb. For 400 / 1962 lb. For 480 (approximate, without canisters)

Power source

115 vac, 465w, 4.04 amps (average)

Number of canisters

Configurable 64, 128, 192, 256, 320, 400 or 480

Canister capacity

350 cc (approximate)

Canister types

Pinned or AutoSense™ smart

Package type (H x W)

Narrow unit-dose (23.62 in. x 16.92 in.) and unit-dose/multi-med (21.65 in. x 29.13 in., 31.5 in. x 29.13 in., 33.46 in. x 29.13 in.)

Packaging speed

Up to 60 bags/minute

External tray

(2) 64-cell trays accommodate multiple meds in each cell

Touch screen

Mountable, left and right

Barcode verification

Pdf 417, data matrix, qr code, aztec, barcode 128, barcode 3 or 9, upc

Safety standard

CUL, UL (UL61010-1)



Brochure ATP2