CitraFlowPLUS™ Sodium Citrate 4% / Ethanol 30%


CitraFlowPLUS™ combines in one syringe the anticoagulant properties of sodium citrate PLUS the antimicrobial properties of ethanol. This solution combination prevents biofilm formation, reduces incidences of CRBSI (catheter related blood stream infections) as well as being a safe alternative to heparin.



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  • Specs


• Safe in patients with suspected or confirmedHeparin-induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT)

• Improved INR reliability

• Potentially lower rt-PA use and cost

• Terminally sterilized (sterile field compatible)

• Compatible with polyurethane and silicone catheters

• Unit of use, highly differentiated packaging, GS-1 bar coded

• Unique twin-pack format

• All natural product

• Latex-free, no preservatives

• 12 month expiry dating